Eddie serves as President and Managing Director of Astroscale in Tokyo, Japan. Astroscale Japan is one of the business units under Astroscale Holdings (others are Astroscale US and Astroscale UK), and employs about 200 people. Astroscale Japan covers businesses in Asia Pacific and Middle East. Astroscale offers various On-Orbit Services (OOS) including active debris removal (ADR), In-space situational awareness (ISSA), end of life satellite removal (EOL), GEO life extension (LEXI), etc. For this assignment, Eddie is stationed in Japan after spending more than 30 years in the US.

Prior to Astroscale, Eddie successfully built and ran his own strategic advisory firm, HISe, Inc. for 8 years, mainly serving Asian clients. Prior to this, Eddie worked at Thales. He served as CEO of North American subsidiary (Washington DC, USA), Senior VP at Headquarters (Cannes, France), and VP & GM at Asia Pacific Office (Beijing, China).

Eddie KatoBoard of Directors
Astroscale, Japan

Huang Baozhong, Executive Vice President of APT Satellite Company Ltd (APT) is responsible for marketing and sales. Before joining in APT, he had been working in a series of senior positions such as the Vice President of China Satellite Communications Corporation, Vice President of China Direct Broadcast Satellite Company Limited and Vice President of China’s SINO Satellite Company Limited.

Mr. Huang graduated as a Master of Science and engaged in the space industry ever since his graduation. He was a Chinese licensed lawyer with strong technical and engineering background and accumulated rich experiences in areas relating to legal affairs, investment, project management, risk management, marketing and sales.

Baozhong HuangBoard of Directors
APT Satellite, Hong Kong

Gregg is CEO of GapSat, an innovative venture that leases or arranges for the lease of entire in-orbit satellites to satellite operators for use at their orbital slots for interim periods of time, generally until the operator launches its own custom-built satellite. Gregg is also president of G3 Global Communications, a satellite consulting firm focused on strategic planning, business development, transactional and regulatory advice. Previously Gregg co-founded and was president of Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS). He is a former television producer and communications attorney who was the head of satellite services for Cable & Wireless Hong Kong Telecom, Vice President for PanAmSat and Lockheed Martin Corp, and Director of International Policy for the US Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) where he was instrumental in the promotion of private enterprise in space.

Gregg is a founding member and a Director serving since the inception of APSCC in 1994; the Chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcast Association of Asia (CASBAA) Satellite Wireless Action Group; a member of the Board of Governors and Secretary of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC); and the Asian Attache for the Global VSAT Forum (GVF).

Gregg DaffnerBoard of Directors
GapSat, France