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One of the most important functions of APSCC is to bring together the various entities in the satellite industry for communication and cooperation. APSCC achieves this objective through its membership.

APSCC membership provides a platform to bring individuals in the industry together to work as a powerful collective voice for the interest of the Asia-Pacific satellite community. As a powerful collective voice, APSCC members work together to develop, expedite and broaden the distribution of new services via satellite in the region. APSCC members also cooperate in the formulati on of recommendations on policies, regulations and technical standards within the region.

APSCC also provides its constituents with the support and tools they need to flourish in their respective fields through its membership services. These include special privileges and discounts for APSCC events, subscription to APSCC publications and opportunities to speak at APSCC event.

Membership benefits

APSCC represents more than 100 members from over 35 countries worldwide. Members include satellite manufacturers, launch service providers, satellite service providers and satellite risk management companies, telecom carriers, and broadcasters from Asia, Europe and North America. Together, APSCC members comprise one of the most powerful global networks of its kind.

Networking opportunities

The overarching mission of APSCC is to satisfy all of its members’ professional needs. To this end, events are organized to provide members with opportunities for networking with influential industry leaders, experts and decision makers and make a wide range of business contacts.

  • Members receive discounts on registration at all events organized by APSCC.
  • Some members receive free passes and speaking invitations.
  • Members receive special benefits for events endorsed by APSCC.
Customized Meetings
  • Members may attend or request a wide variety of custom-designed meetings with companies and organizations related to their field.

Information services and business promotion

With contributions from experts on the latest developments and cutting-edge technology and applications, APSCC publications keep members informed of critical issues in the business of satellite services, broadcasting, and more. APSCC produces three publications with a worldwide readership of members and others. Publications include

  • Quarterly print magazine
  • Monthly e-Newsletter
  • Yearbook

The APSCC publications are distributed to over 6,000 subscribers all over the world, and there are several ways that members may use these resources for information and business promotion.

Business Promotion
  • Yearbook – Members receive a complimentary listing of their company
  • Member News – Members can submit news to the APSCC Newsletters
  • Article and Interviews – Members are invited to write articles or give interviews
  • Advertising – Members receive free advertising or reduced advertising rates for APSCC publications
  • Website – Members are included in the online listing

Representation and Business Facilitation

APSCC assists its members in achieving their individual goals as well as supporting joint projects of mutual benefit to members and the satellite and space related industries as a whole.

  • Regional lobbying regarding satellite regulatory issues
  • APSCC establishes committees to carry out tasks for members concerning professional, technical and regulatory affairs and to promote satellite business competition
Business Facilitation
  • Members that are new to the space/satellite industries will receive assistance and advice as they engage in new business ventures

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Membership Categories

APSCC Membership is open to any government body, public and private organization, association, or corporation that is involved in satellite services, broadcasting, manufacturing, launch services, risk management or associate fields such as data-casting, informatics, multi-media, telecommunications, and other outer space-related activities with interests in the Asia-Pacific region.



Platinum members enjoy the highest benefits possible from APSCC Membership. Platinum members are granted to 3 votes at the General Assembly regarding important issues and matters related to the Council such as constitutional amendments and election of the APSCC Board members. Votes are guaranteed in accordance with constitutional guidelines.

Platinum members have the greatest opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes. They are eligible to be nominated for office positions, the duties of which include the establishment of guidelines, policies and priorities of APSCC.

For APSCC-organized events, Platinum members are entitled to discounts as well as complimentary full passes with the highest-priority speaking slot, a complimentary exhibit space at the APSCC Annual Satellite Conference & Exhibition and free advertising in APSCC publications.



Gold members enjoy the second-highest level of benefits from APSCC membership. Gold members are granted to 2 votes at the General Assembly. Votes are guaranteed in accordance with constitutional guidelines.

Gold members have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes on a preferential basis. They are eligible to be nominated for Office positions, the duties of which include the establishment of guidelines, policies, and priorities of APSCC.

Gold member are entitled to discounts at APSCC-organized events plus a complimentary pass, with a preferential speaking slot and free advertising in APSCC publications.


Please contact APSCC for further details about other membership opportunities and pricing.