APSCC Virtual Summit @ConnecTech Asia

September 29 – October 1

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The 2020 Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference, will be held entirely online over 4 days, from 3 – 6 August, as a series of interactive discussions, showcases, networking sessions, exhibitions and more.

Across 10 sessions topics discussed will include: 5G rollout, implementation of decisions taken at WRC-19 & looking ahead to WRC-23, key spectrum bands (low, mid and high ranges), national roadmaps, rural connectivity, and spectrum for verticals.

For more information on the agenda and speakers, and to register your place visit www.spectrummanagement.asia

Thailand in View

18 August 2020

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The television landscape in Thailand has changed dramatically over the past six years. The launch of digital terrestrial television (DTT) and the rapid growth of online streaming platforms have led to an increased fragmentation of the industry. With the COVID 19 crisis and consumers turning to streaming platforms in droves, this change has been accelerated like never before. What is the longer term impact of COVID-19 on video consumption and monetization in Thailand, and what will the market look like in 2021?


10 September

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Within the Asian landscape, India, with a population of 1.3 billion, has always been unique. After years of being one of the world’s most important Pay TV markets, a new revolution is underway. While growth in television continues, mobile internet is exploding and creating what could soon be one of the biggest video streaming markets. The entry of more than 30 streaming platforms in a span of barely three years speaks volume about the massive potential this industry has. As we head towards 2021, we’ll take a deep dive into the trends the video streaming industry in India will see play out next year, and what the key drivers of growth will be for both industry players and consumers in this market.

Satellite Industry Forum

24-25 September

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2019 has been quite a year for the satellite industry. From major acquisitions to key technological advancements and innovations, this past year has seen a bit of everything. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating shockwaves throughout the world, the satellite industry has not been spared as well.

The consumer market for satellite services is unlikely to be cut during a time of stay-home orders. We have seen a spike in demand for streaming services when the pandemic began to peak and more stringent lockdowns were put in place. It will be interesting to look at how resilient the satellite industry is and how well-poised it is in surmounting the challenges ahead and finding opportunities during the time of COVID-19, as we work towards a global recovery.

ConnecTechAsia 2020

29 September – 1 October 2020

APSCC Summit @ConnecTechAsia

29 September – 1 October 2020


26 – 28 October 2020
Dubai, UAE

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CABSAT now in its 26th edition presents SATEXPO, the only platform in the MEASA region bringing senior buyers in sat-comms, tech and business solutions together for 3 days under one roof. SATEXPO represents the entire ecosystem of satellite carriers, manufacturers, service providers and integrators serving government and military, maritime, aviation, broadcasters, Telcoís, commercial business enterprises or aerospace industries.