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APSCC is a non-profit international association representing all sectors of satellite and/or space-related industries, including private and public companies, government ministries and agencies, and academic and research entities.

The overall objective of APSCC is to promote communications and broadcasting via satellite as well as outer space activities in the Asia-Pacific for the socioeconomic and cultural welfare of the region.

APSCC links its members together to exchange views on satellite-related policies, technologies, systems, and services in the region. Members include satellite manufacturers, launch service providers, satellite service providers and satellite risk management companies, telecom carriers, and broadcasters from Asia, Europe and North America.

APSCC brings individuals in the industry together to work as a powerful collective voice for the Asia-Pacific. APSCC also works to develop, expedite and broaden the distribution of new services via satellite in the region. APSCC also assists in the formulation of recommendations on policies, regulations and technical standards within the region and around the world.

What we do

APSCC serves the satellite community in the following capacities:

  • Collects, distributes, and produces information, news, and literature regarding technologies, services, operations, policies, regulations, and other topics in the satellite and space related industries
  • Assists and organizes joint efforts for the acquisition and development of spectrum and orbital resources
  • Provides expert technical assistance as well as consultation to coordination efforts on conflict of interest issues, particularly spectrum interference in the region
  • Participates in and coordinates joint efforts towards the development of international standards
  • Encourages deregulation of satellite and space related industries in the region

The lack of standard international procedures for these issues in Asia has created the need for APSCC to sponsor diverse programs to tackle and facilitate the completion of these goals. In terms of deregulation in satellite and space related industries, APSCC works for cooperation between member countries to minimize technical or regulatory barriers.

APSCC maintains cooperative relationships with other organizations, associations and institutions in the region including UN OOSA, ESCAP, ITU, APT, APEC and ABU. The specifics of those relationships are agreed upon mutually within the framework of existing international satellite and space related activities, rules and procedures APSCC continuously reaches out to those involved in satellite and space related industries and invites them to forge a relationship with APSCC.

APSCC is at
the forefront of shaping
the future of satellite and space industry

Offers a collective voice for the industry in Asia and the Pacific

Provides a forum for discussion on key issues in the industry

Collects, distributes, and produces industry news and information

Supports the industry’s future development


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