December 6, 2023 – Vivacom, part of the United Group, the leading telecommunications and media services provider in South-eastern Europe, and Eutelsat Group, one of the world’s leading satellite Internet providers, announced the commercial launch of their ground station in Bulgaria. This fourth-of-its-kind facility in Europe and one of 35 already operating in the world, will enable expanded communications services for Eutelsat Group’s low Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity services. A year ago, Vivacom announced that it started the construction of the station of the satellite operator OneWeb, which since September this year merged with the French Eutelsat and now operates under the name Eutelsat Group. The project is being implemented at Vivacom’s site in Stara Zagora municipality, where it will provide additional jobs in the region for the next 10 years. It will also put Stara Zagora on the world map of space technology and communications. Because of all these economic benefits, the project has been awarded Class C certification. The ground station consists of 18 antennas and a mini data centre that connects the LEO satellites to the optical network and data centres in Bulgaria and Europe. Construction began in late 2022 and, despite the adverse weather conditions, was completed in May 2023, and was followed by a successful testing-and-commissioning procedure.