July 8, 2020 – Viasat Inc., a global communications company, has announced it has removed internet speed limits delivered to the aircraft across all of its business aviation Ka-band service plans. Additionally, the company has doubled its minimum committed internet speed to the aircraft for the same Ka-band service plans. The move, an industry-first, demonstrates the Company’s leadership in the business aviation market by unleashing an entirely new premium in-flight connectivity (IFC) experience for its Ka-band business jet customers. A recent report by Euroconsult, Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity, 2019, found that the growing demand for applications including video-conferencing and high-definition video streaming, which are expected to drive IFC terminal demand, require faster high-speed connectivity. Viasat’s elimination of Ka-band speed maximums enables an even better experience for passengers and crew to simultaneously use business-critical productivity and entertainment apps such as video-conferencing, accessing VPN/cloud content, email, high-definition streaming services, live TV and more – through all phases of flight – across the world’s most heavily traveled flight routes. Ka-band customers also have the option to subscribe to Viasat Unlimited Streaming, which allows passengers to access online media services without impacting monthly data allowances.