October 3, 2023 – Comtech was recently awarded a $48.6 million contract to deliver Enterprise Digital Intermediate Frequency Multi-Carrier (EDIM) modems in support of U.S. Army satellite communications (SATCOM) digitization and modernization programs. Under the contract, Comtech will design, develop, test, and deliver EDIM units and provide hardware, software, and sustainment services to support performance enhancements for EDIM solutions. Comtech’s EDIM modems are designed to support multiple satellite providers and will become one of the primary modems used for U.S. military SATCOM. Comtech’s EDIM modems will also replace the aging Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) currently supporting Army, Navy, and Air Force SATCOM users with an advanced digital and software-defined platform. Built on open architecture standards, Comtech’s EDIM solutions are designed to be easily integrated with other terrestrial and non-terrestrial communications systems to enabled unified hybrid network infrastructures that will bring forward a new era of blended, smart-enabled connectivity.