January 27, 2021 – Inmarsat has secured a fleet-wide agreement with offshore support vessel major Tidewater to advance its digitalisation strategy by upgrading the majority of its active fleet to Fleet Xpress. Inmarsat has developed a product roadmap of advanced vessel technology efficiencies solutions and enhanced and reliable communications for crews, which bring competitive advantages for Tidewater. Tidewater was one of the largest users of Inmarsat’s legacy iFusion service, which was scheduled for network shutdown on December 31, 2020. Tidewater and Inmarsat created a joint project team and comprehensive plan to fast track vessel installations and upgrades to deliver the project in six months, with a scope of 60 active vessels, across 15 countries and involving a team of 75 from the combined organisations. The project was highly complex due to its scope and number of vessels, managing activities through the middle of a pandemic and requiring expert precision to achieve installations and upgrades on time and plan. All 60 vessels in the project were successfully transitioned before year-end and vessels experienced no disruptions during the iFusion shutdown events. In January, Tidewater will have 56 active vessels with Fleet Xpress providing new capabilities for their vessels, crews and customers.