February 28, 2022 – Thuraya Telecommunications Company has launched a new IP-based radio communications solution Thuraya Push-to-Talk (PTT) developed with Cobham SATCOM. The solution will enable users across a wide spectrum of industries to extend the range of their voice communications beyond line of sight (BLOS) wherever their assets and teams are located. Thuraya PTT is an IP-based radio communications solution that works in conjunction with any Thuraya Broadband terminal to establish a private network. It gives users the ability to combine and integrate different technologies such as 3G/LTE/LMR (Land Mobile Radio) via Thuraya’s advanced satellite system for seamless voice and data communications. Thuraya PTT is designed for mission critical operations to support organizations in remote areas that often struggle with a lack of reliable connectivity – particularly when there is an urgent need to communicate across different areas, countries or continents. Thuraya’s PTT service enables organizations to overcome this challenge, enhancing overall workforce productivity and safety as a result.