April 30, 2020 – Thuraya and SCOTTY Group have announced that they have secured line-fit offerability for the Thuraya Aero mobile connectivity solution on Airbus H145 and H135 helicopters. For the first time, Airbus customers can install and customize their Thuraya Aero kit when ordering new aircraft. The system will be fitted on the production line, with no need for further tests and verification. The aircraft will be ready to use on delivery, with voice and data connectivity fully functioning. This means that it can be deployed immediately to deliver mission-critical capabilities. There is no need to have the aircraft grounded for months after delivery in order to retrofit communication systems. Thuraya Aero is an in-flight connectivity and data-sharing platform that uses mobile satellite communications to provide internet access, text messaging, phone calls, VOIP, video and audio conferencing as well as aerial surveillance, especially for BLOS missions. Thuraya and SCOTTY showcased the solution’s live streaming capabilities at Dubai Air Show in November 2019, wherein surveillance data and video were transmitted to Dubai from an airborne Airbus H145 helicopter in Germany. Real-time streaming was made possible by Thuraya’s L-band satellite network, which enables transmission over vast geographical areas. Thuraya has also demonstrated the advanced features of its aero mobility system to key UAE government customers.