March 18, 2024 – ThinKom Solutions, Inc. and SES continue to expand their integrated satellite communications capabilities, successfully demonstrating advanced multi-orbit services. The end-to-end service includes SES’s satellites in MEO and GEO orbits, accessed through ThinKom’s Ka-band terminals, notably the ThinAir Ka2517, to establish industry-leading performance and multi-orbit resiliency. Beyond the performance boost delivered for commercial and government customers, the service also showcases diversity of constellations which is especially important for critical mission success in contested environments. ThinKom’s terminal architecture is able to operate independent transmit and receive beams, allowing the simultaneous use of both GEO and MEO satellites. This hybrid constellation optimizes satellite resource capacity and reduces round-trip latency. Utilizing the patented VICTS phased-array technology, ThinKom’s ThinAir and GT terminals ensure unparalleled spectral efficiency and reliability, proven over more than 40 million operating hours. Read more