February 2, 2022 – The US Patent Office (USPTO) granted a new patent on Satmotion API method, for being the only satellite auto alignment and commissioning method for automated antenna terminals. Satmotion API, is the second patented technology from the INTEGRASYS LLC in USA, being Satmotion Pocket its precedent the first granted patent for the company. The new version of INTEGRASYS Auto commissioning Technology has been considered by the USPTO thanks to the Zero-Touch commissioning method, which is totally aligned with Electronically Steerable Phased Array Antennas (ESPAA) needs, providing a seamless interface and intuitive use for optimizing its performance. Satmotion API aims to enable Satcom services by fully automating the commissioning of services for Electronically Steerable Phased Array Antennas (ESPAA), and all without human intervention, addressing optimal radio frequency (RF) performance, required by the Network Operations Center (NOC), minimizing interferences and power management. It will also enable remote recovery in many cases, removing the need for installers to revisit the site, particularly in isolated areas such as those that are rural, desert or high sea.