March 3, 2021 – Thales Alenia Space has signed a 772M EUR contract with the European Space Agency (ESA), acting in the name and on behalf of the European Union represented by the European Commission, to provide 6 satellites part of the 2nd Generation of Galileo constellation. The first satellites of this second generation will be placed in orbit by the end of 2024. With their new capabilities relying on high innovative technologies (digitally configurable antennas, inter-satellites links, use of full electric propulsion systems), these satellites will improve the accuracy of Galileo as well as the robustness to interference and jamming and resilience of its signal. This will be key for the upcoming digital decade and will support more security & defense usages. Among its objectives, the Galileo 2nd Generation satellites will boost the EU industry competitiveness in the highly strategic domain of technologies for EU sovereignty.