February 4, 2021 – Thales Alenia Space is partnering with South Korean operator KT SAT, subsidiary of the world’s first 5G commercial service provider Korea Telecom, to lead 5G demonstration using the geostationary Koreasat 5A telecommunication satellite to provide 5G network to remote areas. KT SAT will use 5G backhauling as the first stone of satellite integration in the 5G world. This unprecedented experiment consists in backhauling the connection between a 5G Core Network and a 5G gNB through KT SAT Koreasat-5A(GEO satellite). In this case, the satellite is not only a complement to terrestrial 5G network but a fully integrated part of it by receiving 5G network from Earth and then returning it to remote areas where traditional backhauling technologies (wired, fiber, radio beams) are not suitable for technical and/or economic reasons. This demo was implemented from the KT SAT’s Kumsan teleport.