January 24, 2019 – Telesat announced that the two teams it contracted with last year to develop system designs for Telesat’s global low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation have successfully completed System Requirements Reviews. One of the teams is Airbus Defence and Space. The other is a consortium of Thales Alenia Space and Maxar Technologies, the owner of SSL and MDA. Each team is continuing to advance their detailed designs for the complete LEO system, both space and ground segments. Telesat’s global LEO constellation will revolutionize the delivery of high capacity broadband services by leveraging Telesat’s innovative, patent-pending orbital architecture, global priority spectrum rights, and the most advanced antenna, digital processing, optical communications, launch and manufacturing technologies. It will offer an unsurpassed combination of capacity, speed, affordability, security and resiliency with latency that is equal to, or better than, the most advanced terrestrial networks. Able to serve the entire globe, Telesat LEO will help satisfy many of the world’s most challenging communications requirements such as accelerating 5G expansion, bridging the digital divide with fiber-like services into remote communities, and setting new levels of performance for commercial and government connectivity on land and in growing maritime and aeronautical broadband markets.