February 6, 2020 – ST Engineering announced the launch of GEOEARTH, a cloud-based geospatial analytics platform that provides one-stop and immediate access to satellite imagery data and analytics tools that will help businesses to derive new insights as well as to accelerate decision making. Moving away from traditional standalone systems that are costly, time consuming and limited by system capabilities, GEOEARTH’s open platform provides immediate streaming access to high-resolution imagery from TeLEOS-1, Singapore’s first commercial earth observation satellite, together with a suite of data analytics tools. Applications that can benefit from GEOEARTH include airport operations, business intelligence, monitoring of maritime activities, land-use survey and scene-change analysis. Streaming access to high-resolution TeLEOS-1 imagery GEOEARTH provides immediate access to archived satellite images, compared to the current lead time of up to three days. Users will be able to search for their desired satellite images, preview areas of interest at full resolution, and download the required area of interest anytime, anywhere.