March 6, 2020 – ST Engineering iDirect, a company of ST Engineering North America, will preview a new, cost-effective IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution at the SATELLITE 2020 conference in Washington DC, March 9-12. The new solution will provide its service provider partners the ability to offer satellite-based connectivity for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market. Powered by hiSky‘s robust cloud-based solution with innovative small form-factor terminals, delivered in conjunction with iDirect and Newtec platforms, this highly scalable, geostationary-based (GEO) satellite solution supports flexible business models for immediate market access. The IoT PaaS solution utilizes a family of compact, lightweight terminals that feature a tightly-integrated satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design in Ka-band or Ku-band variants. The initial IoT PaaS offering includes Low Data Rate (LDR) and Medium Data Rate (MDR) service for deployment within both fixed and mobile environments. ST Engineering iDirect is offering a range of creative business models to reduce the upfront capital investments and operational complexities service providers traditionally face in creating their own IoT platforms.