October 26, 2021 – ST Engineering iDirect has collaborated with technology provider XipLink to implement a security feature required for 4G backhaul services. The feature will support IP security (IPsec) encryption with CMPv2 digital certificate management, building upon the existing high levels of security already offered by ST Engineering iDirect whilst maintaining satellite traffic optimization and acceleration. The new functionality has been tested and certified by satellite operator Turksat. CMPv2 is a feature-rich and flexible certification exchange protocol standard which supports any type of cryptography. It is a standard requirement for mobile operators that ensures secure functionality and is essential to enable the optimization and acceleration of 3G, 4G and 5G backhaul services. The three companies have invested time, equipment and expertise in the development and testing of the additional security feature in XipLink’s software, which forms an integral part of the ST Engineering iDirect SatHaul-XE solution. Turksat will benefit from the ability to securely extend its mobile services throughout the Middle East region, providing a seamless customer experience. Leveraging Turksat’s HTS architecture coupled with next-generation satellite ground infrastructure, will result in lower bandwidth costs, improved throughput levels, increased network efficiency and the best end-user experience. With the anticipated launch of the Turksat 5B satellite later this year which will expand the operator’s coverage across Europe and Africa, Turksat will leverage the solution to provide 4G cellular backhaul coverage to 100 rural sites. Live tests of the feature have achieved 200 Mbps on satellite links without compromising acceleration or optimization.