April 13, 2021 – ST Engineering iDirect has successfully delivered its transformational Mx-DMA MRC (Multi Resolution Coding) technology to its flagship customers, including satellite service provider Ningbo BIRDSAT which is leveraging the technology to offer differentiated services in the highly competitive fishing market. Building on the award-winning Mx-DMA HRC (High Resolution Coding) technology, Mx-DMA MRC offers unprecedented service agility, extending the availability of Mx-DMA to very large networks while lowering the total cost of ownership. Mx-DMA is a patented multi-access waveform that incorporates the scalability of MF-TDMA with the efficiency of single channel per carrier (SCPC) into a single return technology. For the first time, service providers can now cover a myriad of use cases in a single return link without making tradeoffs between speed, efficiency, scale and cost. Mx-DMA MRC scales in MHz and is independent of the number of terminals used. Customers can now be served with a single return link for the majority of their use cases, minimizing operational complexity and maximizing statistic multiplexing. Now available to first adopters, it offers the highest level of intelligent, real time bandwidth allocation at SCPC efficiencies. Designed to seamlessly adapt to changing network traffic and link conditions while avoiding jitter and latency, it maximizes the utilization of available bandwidth resources and allows satellite service providers to deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE).