June 22, 2021 – ST Engineering iDirect and Intelsat are building on a long-term partnership with a local VSAT Service Provider to expand the provision of broadband internet services across the Philippines utilizing the iDirect Evolution® platform. he Philippines, an archipelago in Southeast Asia with over 7,500 islands, is the world’s fifth largest island nation. With its location and geographical nature making it challenging to connect by terrestrial means, satellite technology provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for broadband delivery, which is seeing rising demand across the region. The deployment of the Evolution platform, in conjunction with Intelsat’s Horizons 3e satellite, part of its EPICNG series of high throughput (HTS) satellites, will enable broadband service expansion and improve connectivity access for schools, government offices, municipal users and island communities, and also extend coverage to areas where connectivity was previously unavailable. The Service Provider required a platform that could deliver highly reliable broadband internet services despite the scattered location of its customer base and wet weather conditions. Offering high throughput and reliability, the Evolution platform enables the Service Provider to offer a variety of flexible service plans, resulting in unique value for its customers. Evolution also delivers a high Quality of Experience (QoS), resulting in countless possibilities for service levels, bandwidth management and traffic prioritization. Moreover, Adaptive Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology on the platform that allows remotes to dynamically adapt their transmissions to the hub to suit current link conditions, will allow the Service Provider to overcome issues with rainfade.