May 17, 2019 – Speedcast International Limited announced that it is providing the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority, in Papua New Guinea, with a custom private C-band VSAT network for more reliable, cost-effective connectivity for several local hospitals. This solution will ensure consistent Internet and reliable hospital to hospital communications. Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority required high-availability internet and a WAN connectivity solution at Mount Hagen Hospital in Papua New Guinea (PNG), as well as at other district and provisional hospitals. Speedcast worked with Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority to develop a customized MESH solution that guarantees service uptime of 99.5% availability. The solution will bring reliable connectivity to each hospital and also allow district and provisional hospitals to connect to Mount Hagen Hospital. In the first stage of the project, Speedcast will provide 10/10 Mbps of internet connectivity to Mount Hagen Hospital. Next, Speedcast will install a Mini-HUB solution to connect the remaining district and provision hospitals.