February 8, 2022 – Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions, and services, announced today the expansion of their strategic partnership with SES. SES has selected Gilat’s SkyEdge IV platform to operate with its SES-17 satellite, a very high throughput satellite (VHTS) to provide fixed services and mobility services. Gilat’s SkyEdge IV is a multi-orbit platform that was designed to interface and smoothly integrate with non-geostationary constellations and geostationary VHTS, such as the recently-launched SES-17. SES will be using SkyEdge IV simultaneously for both SES-17 and its upcoming second generation NGSO constellation, O3b mPOWER. The SkyEdge IV multi-service platform will be utilized by SES to deliver cellular-backhaul and enterprise services, in addition to previously announced maritime services. SES-17 is a GEO VHTS designed for high-speed connectivity and flexibility for end-users in the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean. SkyEdge IV ensures unified operation with seamless switchover between SES-17 and the O3b mPOWER constellation. Empowering SkyEdge IV is Gilat’s Elastix-Total NMS network management system, which was optimized to work in harmony with SES’s Adaptive Resource Control (ARC).