January 19, 2021 – Satellogic today announced a Multiple Launch Services Agreement (MLA) with SpaceX. Through the agreement, SpaceX becomes Satellogic’s preferred vendor for rideshare missions. The first launch, scheduled for June 2021, will deliver Satellogic satellites to Low Earth Orbit on a Falcon 9 rocket. Today’s agreement with SpaceX will enable Satellogic to maintain and extend their position as the global leader in high-resolution, high-frequency geospatial analytics. Satellogic expects to complete the initial buildout of their Earth Observation Constellation by the end of 2022. At that point the company will have the capacity to deliver weekly, high-resolution coverage of the entire landmass of the planet. Through a series of rideshare launches over the next two years and beyond, the company will be moving from weekly to daily world remaps by 2025 with more than 300 microsatellites in orbit. Both Satellogic and SpaceX have a vertically integrated approach. Satellogic builds their own spacecraft, manages an entire constellation, and performs data analyses, creating efficiencies that drive down the cost of geospatial analytics at an order of magnitude far beyond that of their competitors. Similarly, SpaceX’s ownership over the entire development process for their rockets has enabled new advances in launch technology. Falcon 9’s reusability allows SpaceX to refly the most expensive parts of the rocket, driving down the cost of space access. This partnership puts Satellogic in a unique position to capitalize on SpaceX’s competitive rideshare program and frequent launch schedule. By securing SpaceX as their preferred partner for rideshare missions, Satellogic will be able to accelerate the time between satellite development and deployment. This accelerated timeline will allow Satellogic to continue to rapidly expand their in-orbit capacity, while also increasing revisit capabilities to monitor the planet on a high-frequency basis, serving customers at the right price.