July 27, 2021 – On July 25, 2021, Alexey Volin, General Director of the Russian satellite operator RSCC, gave a talk to the attendees of the Senezh Management Lab as part of the Territory of Meanings All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. At the panel discussion “Who will get a ticket to the future?”, Alexey Volin spoke about the place of the satellite operator in the technological chain of communication and broadcasting service providers, noting that a total of 385 million people from 58 countries enjoy communication and broadcasting services using RSCC satellites. “Our principal challenge today, which we are tackling together with the Ministry of Digital Development, is to provide access to the Internet throughout the country. Most of Russia’s territory with its mineral deposits and rail and highway and river routes, and the Northern Sea Route, a vast economically vital territory, is currently outside the Internet coverage. Our task is to ensure that people working in the Arctic, in remote and hard-to-reach areas, on railway, river, maritime and air transport do have the Internet, as well as access to information, electronic services and communications, and assistance which they can request, if necessary”, stressed Alexey Volin.

RSCC satellites in geostationary and highly elliptical orbits will be used to address the problem. Ground satellite terminals are currently under design and development jointly with NIIR. They can be installed on sea, river, railway transport, as well as buses, to provide on-the-move communication.