January 17, 2019 – With the support of specialists from Istar LLC, RSCC successfully completed the installation and commissioning of five central stations based on UHP equipment to provide via-satellite communication using the Express-AM series spacecraft. This will enable RSCC to use the capacity of its satellites more efficiently and expand the capabilities of the satellite communication network, offering customers modern telecommunications services. The first subscribers are planned to be connected in February-March 2019. Three stations are deployed on the territory of the Dubna Space Communications Center (SCC). They will operate the subscriber terminals via the Express-AM6, Express-AM7, and Express-AM8 spacecraft. Another central station is deployed on the territory of the Zheleznogorsk SCC (to operate via the Express-AM33 and on the territory of the Khabarovsk SCC (to operate via the Express-AM5). This completed the first stage of deploying the largest multi-service satellite communications network (in terms of the territory covered) using UHP equipment.