October 9, 2019 – International Launch Services (ILS) has successfully inserted the EUTELSAT 5 West B and the Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1) satellites into their planned Supersynchronous Transfer Orbits (SSTO) for Eutelsat of Paris, France, and SpaceLogistics LLC of Dulles, Virginia. It is the eighth Eutelsat satellite launched on an ILS Proton and the first SpaceLogistics LLC satellite launched on an ILS Proton. It was also the second ILS dual launch, and the first dual launch with two commercial satellites. The satellites are both manufactured by Northrop Grumman and based on the GeoStar-2 (EUTELSAT 5 West B) and GeoStar-3 (MEV-1) platforms. EUTELSAT 5 West B is a Ku-band satellite that will be located at 5° West, a key video neighborhood addressing predominantly French, Italian and Algerian broadcast markets. The new satellite will provide business continuity and improved quality for these markets via a Ku band payload of 35 equivalent 36 MHz transponders connected to three service areas. Switchable transponders will also increase commercial flexibility. MEV-1 will deliver a groundbreaking on-orbit servicing satellite life-extension through Northrop Grumman’s wholly-owned subsidiary SpaceLogistics LLC. MEV-1 will dock to client vehicles in geosynchronous orbit to provide attitude and orbit control of the combined vehicle stack. MEV-1 has the ability to dock and undock several times during its 15 year design life, allowing it to service multiple customers. SpaceLogistics LLC’s initial service, using MEV-1, will extend the life of the Intelsat 901 satellite for five years.