May 3, 2023 – The energy companies, government agencies, the telco companies and humanitarian aid organisations in Türkiye, the Middle East and Africa will soon be able to access high-performance, low-latency satellite-based connectivity services, Profen and SES announced today. The combined capacity and infrastructure agreements will see Profen, the global high-tech solutions company, deploy SES’s second-generation medium earth orbit (MEO) system – O3b mPOWER – and build a gateway in Türkiye to jointly deliver high-performance connectivity to serve identified market opportunities of more than 10 Gbps. By installing the O3b mPOWER gateway at the core of its networks, Profen’s customers in industries such as telecommunications, energy and humanitarian aid organisations can roll-out more secure networks and minimise latency by reducing the required hops between endpoints. In addition, Profen will be providing a range of services such as mobile backhaul, disaster recovery and private 5G, enabling local companies and neighboring ones in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and central Asia to enjoy the services that are backed by robust service level agreements.