April 5, 2023 – MEASAT Global Berhad has successfully secured a contract with Intra Oil Services Berhad (“Intra Oil Services”) for the provision of Mobility Managed Bandwidth Services for broadband access and VoIP phone lines. The contract will cover up to 50% of the fleet operated by Intra Oil Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perdana Petroleum Berhad (“Perdana”). The vessels will benefit from reliable and high-speed broadband connectivity enabled by the deployment of innovative, electronically-steered flat panel antennae, even while in motion. This deployment improves installation and maintenance efficiency, while providing the crew with robust satellite broadband connectivity. The Mobility Managed Bandwidth Service is expected to greatly enhance the communications and operational capabilities of the vessels operating in Malaysian territorial waters for the upstream oil and gas industry. MEASAT’s Mobility Managed Bandwidth Services are available across the entire fleet of MEASAT satellites and are suitable for communications on the move or on the pause. This service allows customers to maintain focus on their core business activities whilst leaving connectivity solutions to be managed by MEASAT – improving operation costs and lowering investment risks.