September 10, 2019 – Hughes Network Systems, LLC announced that Optus Satellite has selected the Hughes JUPITER™ System as its satellite platform to offer next generation services to its customers. The companies signed a multi-year master services agreement, under which Optus Satellite will purchase JUPITER System equipment to: extend 3G and 4G services; lay the foundation for 5G; power enterprise services such as satellite news gathering; and deliver mobility services for maritime vessels – all throughout Australia and New Zealand. Hughes JUPITER™ System, the market-leading satellite networking solution, backhauls all generations of cellular technologies. A high-performance platform, the JUPITER System delivers 300 Mbps throughput per terminal with acceleration supporting 16,000 simultaneous TCP sessions. Employing the DVB-S2X standard for highly efficient use of satellite bandwidth, the platform saves up to 60% of satellite bandwidth with integrated 4G/LTE optimization. The JUPITER System supports applications such as broadband Internet access, Community Wi-Fi hotspots and in-flight connectivity services, in addition to cellular backhaul.