September 23, 2022 – OneWeb and Kymeta, the world-leading company for flat panel antennas, will introduce their joint superyacht offering at Monaco Yacht Show with a low Earth orbit (LEO) connectivity and antenna combination specifically designed for superyachts. OneWeb successfully tested its LEO connectivity with two Kymeta antenna at sea off the coast of Monaco at the end of August. The pilot tests demonstrated high-speed connectivity with speeds up to 200Mbps download and 20Mbps upload to enable voice calls, streaming, and video gaming with continuous, seamless coverage. OneWeb’s global and mid-ocean connectivity removes the need to choose regional options or worry about changing the service depending on the charter routes. Alongside a ubiquitous connectivity experience at sea, other important considerations for superyacht owners include privacy, security, navigation, real-time maintenance, and regulatory compliance, all of which require high-speed (greater than 50Mbps) and low-latency (100 milliseconds or lower) connectivity. OneWeb’s LEO connectivity now means that online gaming platforms, accessing the Cloud, streaming movies and never missing an important game can be added to the work and entertainment options on-board.