September 21, 2022 – Leading Indonesian entertainment network operator Mola will engage SES 360 Unified Media Platform to bolster its over-the-top (OTT) content services across Indonesia and the wider Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, SES announced today. The direct partnership agreement is set to augment Mola’s current content offerings to audiences on a regional scale. Under the agreement, Mola will leverage the web-based SES 360 for an end-to-end fully customised orchestration of content management and distribution services which includes formatting, processing and delivering Video-on-Demand (VOD) content to a wide variety of platforms with the required metadata. Additionally, as Mola shifts its focus to deliver a wider range of sporting content such as golf and mixed martial arts, alongside football, the use of SES 360 platform to manage, deliver, and monetise content for multiple linear and online platforms will enhance the content operator’s operational efficiency. As an end-to-end video solution, SES 360 will also reduce time and resource expenditure, especially as Mola scales its delivery of High-Definition (HD) and Ultra HD content. The newly-signed agreement builds on a pre-existing relationship with Mola that was first established in 2017 to support the surging demand in Indonesia for high-quality and uninterrupted live football coverage. Since January 2020, SES has supported Mola in broadcasting nearly 6,000 events, totalling more than 17,350 hours of signal acquisition and close to 3,000 hours inserted live into Mola’s channels.