September 30, 2020 – mu Space revealed the space technology development plan after the press conference of MoU signing between TOT and muSpace for advancement of research and development in space industry. mu Space, led by Mr. James Varayuth Yenbamroong, a space and satellite industry entrepreneur and engineer revealed another space technology development plan, confirming the project to create the HTS (High Throughput Satellite). More than 40% of the materials inside the satellites are manufactured by mu Space and by domestic manufacturers using Thai technology. This satellite is expected to launch by 2024, another ambitious goal of mu Space is to become Thailand’s first foreign satellite service provider, when an Open Skies policy occurs. The arrival of the low-orbit earth satellite or LEO satellite will be extremely beneficial and important for future communications systems. And it is also regarded as upgrading Thailand’s communication technology to be effective in order to compete with other countries. In order to support new technologies such as 5G, Cloud storage, Online transactions, as well as security in doing business to be more complete, which makes mu Space a new alternative for Thai people, which can develop a working model in new directions. Able to meet the needs of the group of customers thoroughly while helping to make signal transmission more efficient and accessible to various areas. And the highlight of this launch is the plan to establish a spaceship or the first small space vehicle in Thailand. Behind this plan, there are various important goals to reach.