October 30, 2023 – mu Space, a satellite manufacturer from Southeast Asia is looking to create a space supply chain for its region. The company’s goal is to launch Southeast Asia into a global competitor in the aerospace industry. mu Space believes that by building a space supply chain, companies will have a greater chance in utilizing technologies and furthermore innovating them for the future. Accessibility is a major asset in business, and we believe that this next step will make the final frontier more accessible to Southeast Asian companies and communities. Additionally this opportunity also helps create jobs for people in the region. A Space Supply Chain is a network of individuals and organizations that work together to produce and sell a product. From top to bottom, all aspects of manufacturing and commercializing are part of a supply chain. mu Space is building a space supply chain in its region in order to better the space economy with plans announced in a press conference earlier this year. A Space Supply Chain would be a significant upgrade for the Southeast Asian region, in terms of job creation, growth of economy and investment in higher level education. A space supply chain will help lower the cost of production, thus ultimately allowing organizations to sell their products at the optimal price.