June 29, 2023 – Momentum, a leading provider of enterprise connectivity solutions in remote areas throughout North and South America, today announced an enhanced agreement that will enable Momentum to use OneWeb’s high-speed, low-latency satellite fleet, on top of Eutelsat’s ADVANCE global connectivity solution. This partnership will help tobring high-performance communications services to Oil & Gas projects and facilities across Canada and the U.S. Momentum is already a customer of Eutelsat, who, consequently, will be distributing OneWeb’s LEO satellite communications services along with its existing connectivity products in a number of key markets. Integrating satellites services from Eutelsat and OneWeb, Momentum will deliver a full suite of true enterprise business network connectivity solutions to its clients, providing capacity, high-speed, low-latency services with quick setup and development, support structures and services in place on the backend. By gaining access to stable and fast download and upload speeds, along with low latency, remote Oil & Gas clients can trust that critical business data is being safely and reliably transferred to and from their head offices.