September 8, 2022 – MEASAT Global Berhad has signed a multiyear contract with Reach Ten Communication Sdn Bhd (“Reach Ten”) for Managed Bandwidth Services, supported by the high throughput satellite (“HTS”) payload on MEASAT-3d (“M3d”). With this contract, Reach Ten will become the largest enterprise satellite service provider in Malaysia in terms of capacity provisioned, serving both the private and government sectors across Malaysia. To date, Reach Ten has expanded their customer base exponentially supported by the country’s most advanced satellite gateway infrastructure located in Kuching, Sarawak and Cyberjaya, Selangor providing broadband satellite services to more than 1,000 communities and villages throughout Malaysia. In Samajaya, Kuching the nine-metre (9m) antenna at the teleport enables access to approximately 13Gbps of satellite capacity on M3d.