July 15, 2023 – Malaysia’s Rural Broadband Service Provider has partnered with Parcel365 Sdn Bhd and M2B Services Sdn Bhd (collectively “Parcel365”) to launch the KampungDigital365.com initiative to uplift rural communities through digital economy activities. In the longer term, the KampungDigital365.com initiative promotes the development of rural industries and value-added supply chains, channelling high quality local and agricultural products to consumers, opening access to new markets and expanding digital presence for local brands. Also in the works is a digital payment platform for KampungDigital365.com participants, which will enable them to utilise ePayment technology and record keeping that offer convenience, security, speed and accessibility. Keeping KampungDigital365.com connected The KampungDigital365.com initiative is powered by MEASAT’s CONNECTme NOW high-speed satellite broadband WiFi Hotspot service, which supports all digital applications and online services including transactions, communications, training and other use cases. The collaboration between MEASAT and Parcel365 enhances digital inclusivity among rural communities with the CONNECTme NOW agent serving as the local KampungDigital365.com programme operator. With CONNECTme NOW currently covering nearly 4,000 rural and remote sites serving 500,000 Rakyat nationwide, including 426 sites in Kampung Orang Asli3, many Malaysians in rural areas are poised to benefit from more efficient access to the digital economy.