July 21, 2021 – MEASAT Global Berhad announced today that while MEASAT has maintained continuous telemetry and command control of the MEASAT-3 satellite since the previously reported anomaly on 21 June 2021, an in-depth investigation is still being conducted with Boeing Satellite Systems (BSS) to determine the root cause of the anomaly. To date, almost all customer services on MEASAT-3 have been restored onto backup satellite capacity on other co-located MEASAT satellites and third-party satellites serving the region. Migration and service restoration for broadcast services was immediate, affirming the resiliency of the MEASAT fleet at 91.5°E orbital hotslot. All the MEASAT-3 transponders have been deactivated to prevent interference with other satellites. MEASAT has also informed Combined Space Operations Centre (CSpOC) via Space-Track to track the MEASAT-3 satellite and notify other operators of the satellite’s orbital location, while the full investigation is being conducted by MEASAT and BSS. A report on the outcome of the investigation will be released in due course.