December 10, 2018 – Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced the selection of Gilat for a multi-million-dollar project by the Japanese government agency, Local Authorities Satellite Communication (LASCOM), for delivery of the next generation disaster response platform to Japan’s forty-seven prefectures. Gilat in partnership with JSAT will ensure essential communication services for the people of Japan in case of disaster. LASCOM requires a highly secure, bandwidth efficient, multi-service single system that is capable of integration into LASCOM’s wider network. The network needs to provide very high throughput, quality and resilience so that an array of services can be reliably delivered to prefectural and local governments, individuals, and first responders. This includes voice services, video feeds from disaster sites, video multicasts to local sites, emergency alerts, mobility services, and data services. Gilat’s stable multi-service platform, SkyEdge II-c, and its highly efficient versatile modems were selected after a thorough evaluation to provide LASCOM the needed reliability and breadth of services to be deployed in case of disaster. Redundant hubs will be deployed in two different locations and thousands of VSATs will be deployed throughout all of Japan’s regions.