March 2, 2023 – Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. is partnering with XipLink, Inc. to enable its market leading network acceleration product, XipOS, as an orchestrated, cloud-native software module running on Kratos’ OpenSpace dynamic satellite ground platform. Widely used across the communications industry, XipOS enhances the user experience by dramatically improving link utilization and network efficiency while reducing latency effects, improving response time by 30% or more. In terrestrial and wireless networks, XipOS is typically deployed as software, maximizing flexibility, scalability and responsiveness while also reducing CAPEX costs. In satellite networks, however, XipOS has traditionally been installed as separate, dedicated hardware. That is because satcom networks are still trapped in purpose-built, hardware-based architectures, rather than the modern, software-defined networks common in the rest of the communications industry. Kratos’ OpenSpace Platform changes all that. The partnership with XipLink is a case in point. OpenSpace Platform users will now benefit from orchestrating XipOS immediately, on demand as a fully integrated component of their end-to-end satellite network, from the gateway all the way to the terminal at the network’s far edge.