April 17, 2023 – Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. and ALL.SPACE announced a strategic partnership aimed at jointly developing and delivering solutions that will enable software-defined satellite ground systems to better leverage the capabilities of next-generation smart terminals. The combined solutions are expected to enhance dynamic operations end-to-end across the ground segment from the gateway to the network’s edge, placing more application power in the hands of end users and greatly expanding flexibility beyond today’s proprietary, purpose-built, satellite terminals. The space industry is immersed in a renaissance driven by technology breakthroughs such as software-defined payloads, small satellite constellations, multi-orbit services and more. On the ground, advances in satellite networks are occurring as well, including the growth of ground station-as-a-service, virtualized ground systems and the need to better mainstream with terrestrial and cellular communications networks. These advances at both ends of the space/ground connection mean that satellite network systems must come to act more dynamically, adapting on-the-fly to changing needs, conditions and business or mission requirements.