May 3, 2022 – Kacific Broadband Satellites Group is launching an innovative emergency connectivity solution, CommsBox, designed to provide broadband service in emergency or disaster zones rapidly. Kacific CommsBox is a transportable, all-in-one satellite communications product that can be rapidly deployed in disaster zones when other communication channels fail. The turnkey solution is designed to meet the particular disaster response requirements of territories in South East Asia and the Pacific.The first-of-its-kind in disaster recovery solutions, Kacific Commsbox consists of pre-configured, solar-powered units which, with minimal setup, provide instant internet access to assist relief operations and connect users. Governments, civil defense, police, military, rescue services, and aid operations can store the CommsBox units in remote locations or transport them directly into disaster zones. Between 1970 and 2020, natural hazards in Asia and the Pacific affected 6.9 billion people and killed more than 2 million. Since 1970, Asia and the Pacific have accounted for 57 percent of global fatalities from disasters and 87 percent of the total global population affected by natural hazards.