November 17, 2022 – Telikom Limited is working with Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) to expand Telikom Limited’s network and back up its fibre network. The strategic partnership agreement will also allow Telikom Limited to expand Kacific’s Gigstarter services across all parts of Papua New Guinea, further enhancing the country’s digital upgrade. With a decades-long history of providing telecommunications services to PNG’s communities and businesses, Telikom Limited signed up with Kacific in mid-2021 to offer satellite broadband services to hard-to-reach customers. Through connecting a range of infrastructure including schools, hospitals, governments and churches in highland regions, Telikom Limited has achieved steady growth reaching over 150 sites, with more sites added every month. The ongoing partnership will provide Telikom Limited with greater capacity to connect its residential and business customers. Offering a fully managed service and pay-as-you-grow plan, Kacific’s Gigstarter model ensures that communities can benefit from low-cost, fast internet access, no matter where they are located. Telikom Limited will also leverage the efficiency and flexibility of Ka-band satellite technology as a secure, reliable fibre backup system in one of its main sites in Lae, PNG’s second-largest city, for the first time. The partners have just completed the installation and commissioning of a 4.5metre satellite dish for the fibre back up service.