March 23, 2023 – Cobham Satcom has received Japanese Radio Law certification for use of the innovative SAILOR 1000 XTR and SAILOR 600 XTR Ku VSAT antennas with the ST Engineering iDirect MDM3315 satellite modem. The new modem option provides users with a supported platform for current and future usage whilst offering choice and availability with increased performance. This ensures that regional service providers can continue to offer highly reliable services with SAILOR XTR antennas as well as new capabilities to end-users. The pairing of SAILOR XTR and the MDM3315 satellite modem unlocks high performance VSAT connectivity, giving Japanese coastal and deep sea satcom users faster internet with which to transform marine and business operations through diverse applications; from digital reporting and condition-based maintenance to improved crew communications for the large regional fishing fleets. Together, SAILOR XTR and the MDM3315 satellite modem will provide more diversity for the two popular maritime broadband services, “JSATMarine” and “JSATMarine Light” provided by SKY Perfect JSAT in Japan. JSATMarine enables the fastest available Asian VSAT connectivity for deep-sea vessels with speed up to 50Mbps (downlink) and unlimited data at a fixed price. The JSAT Marine Light will also see a performance boost to support customers operating outside of its core LTE coverage, with low-price VSAT services offering speeds up to 6Mbps downlink.