July 24, 2023 – Iridium Communications Inc., a leading provider of global voice and data satellite communications, today announced the introduction of its Iridium Certus® aviation commercial service, providing a secure cockpit domain with reliable voice and data capabilities. This milestone achievement marks the availability and certification of Iridium Connected® aviation solutions for commercial transport aircraft, business aviation, helicopters, private aircraft, and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) that offer more compact, cost-effective equipment with superior coverage compared to alternative systems. Using L-band satellite frequencies that are superior for cockpit communications, Iridium Certus for aviation is an ideal complement to commercial transport passenger cabin connectivity Ka/Ku band services and can be a primary service for small-to-mid-size business jet cabins. It would also be preferred to HF/VHF for electronic flight bag (EFB), flight critical data, and passenger communications during oceanic flights.