March 27, 2018 – Iridium Communications announced that Speedcast has signed an agreement to become a land-mobile service provider for its next-generation satellite broadband technology, Iridium Certus. Speedcast joins a world-class group of service providers and will help further expand the Iridium Certus footprint. Designed for on-the-move vehicles, assets and teams, Iridium Certus will support the only truly global communications solution enabling capabilities like real-time vehicle tracking, internet, phone and data transfer, all from one service. Already a global maritime launch partner for Iridium Certus, Speedcast will bring its international network and expertise to the Iridium Certus land-mobile program as well. Specific to the land-mobile market, Iridium Certus will run on the new Thales MissionLINK terminal, ideal for off-the-grid public safety, utility, oil and gas, military and non-government organization applications. Iridium Certus will offer cost-effective, reliable and global L-band satellite broadband communications that can smoothly transition between satellite and cellular connectivity as needed, providing the end user unprecedented flexibility.