February 17, 2020 – In January 2020 Intersputnik transferred to Mongolian operator Isatcom LLC an interest-free loan in the amount of USD 300,000 for the purchase of hub station and user terminal equipment to be used to upgrade and expand Isatcom’s VSAT network in the territory of Mongolia. Made available under a program for the development of satellite telecommunications business in the member countries of Intersputnik, which has recently been approved by the Board and the Operations Committee, this loan will help Isatcom implement a project to update the existing satellite network, offer advanced telecommunications satellite services in Mongolia, and further develop up-to-date satellite services in the country. The main purpose of the approved Development Program is to assist the member countries of Intersputnik in carrying out innovative space projects including those in the field of satellite telecommunications, satellite radio and video broadcasting, manufacture of satellite and telecommunications equipment, and upgrading of the ground satellite telecommunications segment.