July 27, 2022 – The European Commission is supporting R&D projects through the program European Defence Fund (EDF) 2021, with almost €1.2 billion for Defence and R&D projects. INTEGRASYS has been selected as one of the companies for obtaining multiple EDF programs, and two projects, thanks to its defence expertise acquired over the years. INTEGRASYS will be coordinating RFSHIELD “RF Interference Removal for Military Services based on Spaces Link”. The project will take up to 30 months, until June 2025. RFSHIELD will ensure the protection of the SatCom services from intentional and non-intentional interferences, increasing the availability and performance of COMSATCOM/MILSATCOM services for military users. The reason why INTEGRASYS has been designated as coordinator is due to the current expertise that the company has in Interference Removal solutions, with its available CLEANRF product. The consortium of the project is formed by 5 companies, AICOX, MBS, and INGESPACE as INTEGRASYS’ partners, who are also specialized in defence capabilities. The company has also been awarded NAUCRATES project, which is focused on microsatellites for Geostationary Orbit Surveillance and Intelligence. The project duration will be until December 2025, and the main goal is to design and demonstrate a microsatellite with less than 100kg mass, positioned in a stable orbit outside the GEO belt, as an in-orbit optical sensor with the capability to approach other objects in GEO to take centimetre level resolution images.