February 21, 2022 – INTEGRASYS has joined the DIFI Consortium, an independent space industry group, formed to advance interoperability in satellite and ground system networks. INTEGRASYS joins a growing roster of leading organizations in the space industry coming together to form the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium. These organizations are contributing to the innovation of digital transformation of space, satellite, and related space technologies for the benefit of the industry. INTEGRASYS is a software company since 1990, a pioneer in smart solutions for the Ground Segment within the Satellite industry for solving industry challenges with smart solutions. Joining DIFI is a potential opportunity for Integrasys to enhance our product line with further capabilities that today is fully virtualized. Product line focuses on network design, deployment, maintenance, monitoring, enhancement, and management of spectrum, solving any possible interferences for Government and Commercial markets. The company sees great value in being part of this Consortium for bringing digital IF/RF to life and solving current industry and customer challenges in a seamless and automated manner.