March 7, 2022 – INTEGRASYS has developed a solution, FWSEC, to protect critical infrastructures from potential cyber-attacks. Nowadays, securing supply chains against imminent cyber-attacks has become a challenge, especially in Europe. The battlefield extends to the online field, which is the engine of the current intelligence. INTEGRASYS’ FWSEC solution is used for the firmware protection of connected sensors operating in Critical Infrastructures. It detects, stops, and reports malicious tampering attempts which may be a potential threat to the security of the affected sensors, and also scale up the threat towards the full system through the network infrastructure. The solution is based on three main pillars: a firmware management server including remote management capabilities, a TPM module at the sensor platform providing crypto functions and secure storage, and an external tamper-proof private blockchain used as an additional security layer leveraging time-based integrity of digital assets. If the Firmware is not reliable FWSEC automatically goes back to a safe state with a digital coded footprint.