November 22, 2023 – INTEGRASYS announced the opening of its new office in Kyiv, Ukraine. This strategic move follows INTEGRASYS’s recent donation to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Ukraine, encompassing critical equipment and smart solutions aimed at enhancing the country’s operational capabilities amid ongoing defense challenges both strategic and tactical capacities, focusing on ensuring seamless communication in congested and contested electronic environments. They provide essential tools to fortify Ukraine’s defense efforts, empowering the nation to effectively communicate and achieve spectrum superiority in the face of a potential invasion. INTEGRASYS has decided to open a new centre of excellence in Kyiv to have closer interaction with the end user, closer onsite support, with cleared personnel, and development of new capabilities for new needs, the agility that Integrasys has proven in the latest wars on delivery needs to end users has been very impacting in the ecosystem, and therefore the closer we are, the more rapid the capabilities can be adopted, proven, improved and deployed. In line with its expansion strategy, INTEGRASYS firmly believes that establishing a local presence is the most effective way to provide seamless integration with the end user’s needs. The new office in Kyiv will serve as a hub for delivering tailored, flexible, and agile assistance, addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by Ukraine in its operations and missions.